Typo Keyboard for…


Apple has released their iPhone 5S and 5C in this September. From then many companies are working to give additional looks for these smart mobiles with their back covers, external guards etc. Now Typo Company has released a new keyboard called “Typo Keyboard” for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 which will turn your iPhone into a Blackberry smart mobile.

Typo Keyboard

This Keyboard gives a physical keyboard to the iPhone and gives 40% more screen size to your iPhone. With this keyboard the typing speed will be improved upto 50%. This keyboard is full Backlit and it is similar to the keyboard which is found on the Blackberry Q10. This keyboard is battery powered and the complete charging can be achieved in less than in one hour. The keyboard also indicates the battery power.

The steps to connect this keyboard to the iPhone are:

  1. First go to Settings on your iPhone 5S/5.
  2. Then turn on Bluetooth.
  3. Now press and hold the Bluetooth key which situated on left side of the space bar on the Typo keyboard. The space bar will flash blue light indicating Bluetooth is ON.
  4. Now select the typo keyboard from the Bluetooth devices list on your iPhone5S/5.

The promotional video of this keyboard can be seen in the following YouTube link.


This keyboard will be launched in the CES 2014 and is up for pre order for $99.

Source: typo, AllThingsD