The Little iPhone


Apple, to meet the market demands has switched from smaller display sizes to larger display sizes. But now again we are hearing rumours that apple is going to release a smaller iPhone.

Actually, when Apple has released the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, we heard a lot of rumours saying that apple will release a budget friendly version of the 6S named as the “iPhone 6C” along with them but it hasn’t happened.


The last thing we hear is that this iPhone 6C will be the smaller version of the iPhone 6S.Now IHS Technology has reported that apple is going to release a smaller iPhone i.e. the iPhone 6C in the middle of next year which will sport a display of 4 inches.

As yet there are no details regarding the iPhone 6C but it seems that apple is planning well to make this device go into the markets because their iPhone 5C has not gone well into the markets.

If this smaller version will have the same design as the 6S then we can say for sure that this smaller device will do some good business for apple. Let us see what apple will do. Hope for the best outcome.

Source: Gforgames