Solar Powered Tent

The idea is that specially coated solar threads are woven into conventional fabric so designers wouldn’t have to use fixed solar panels to harness the energy. It would also have three directional glides that can be moved throughout the day to maximise solar efficiency and energy collection. The solar shell of the tent would face optimum sun during the day. Made of a semi-photovoltaic fabric woven with conventional thread and solar coated thread, it becomes a solar conductor.

Recharging portable devices:- the tent’s wireless charging pouch, where campers put a cell phone or other devices that need recharging, generates a magnetic field through a coil creating electricity to charge the portable device battery. Radiant floor heat:- some of the solar energy heats the tent’s floor Lighting the tent:- it glows in the dark Staying in touch with other campers on site:- the tent broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal, either with a Wi-Fi booster for a central area hub or as an independent Wi-Fi router. Locating the tent:- the tent’s Glo-cation technology sends an SMS message or uses an automatic RFID tag like ones in Underground Oyster subway cards in London. The tent is easy to find when it glows in response.

[Freshadda : Source : Inspiredcamping]