Smart Watch without Android


Smart watches trend is slowly increasing in our country. The smart watches are also occupying a significant share in the market. Keeping this in view Google has launched the Android wear OS which is specially designed for smart watches.

But now it seems that Asus is not going to take the help of Google for its latest smart watch. Rumours say that this smart watch will be operated on the Media Tek Soc which is in development.


Apart from this Asus is working on another smart watch which is the next version of their Zenwatch. For this watch Google will lend its Android wear. Asus is developing this watch with a longer battery life and new design.

Some rumours say that the next version of Zenwatch will come in two versions where one will feature the Android Wear and the other will feature the Media tek SoC.

We will let you know when more details regarding the Asus smart watches are surfaced.

Source: Gforgames