Sharp USB Plasmacluster Ion Generator Cleans the Air You Breathe


When it comes to filtering the air in your office or room, there are a bunch of different devices you can choose from. Many of the air filtration devices use actual paper filters to remove things such as pollen and germs from the air you’re breathing. Other devices use ions that are negatively charged to attract particles of dust and pollen and then drop to the ground.



Sharp has unveiled a new USB-powered air purifier called the Plasmacluster Ion Generator that uses the Ionic method of cleaning the air you breathe. When those negatively charged ions clump together with pollen and dust, they fall to the ground where you no longer breathe them in. The device also has a small water chamber that can be used to humidify the air you breathe.

If you don’t want something with water in it near your computer, you can also opt to power the device using an AC adapter. The air purifier is available now for $220.

via EverythingUSB