Securing Lives, the “Ziman” way- Indus Communications


Ziman launch 1This Weekend, The J.W. Marriott, Juhu was witness to the Spectacular Launch of “Ziman” by Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd.


“With the incidents of crime increasing day by day, Zicom being the leader in the business of security, we took up on ourselves to create a unique mobile application which will provide 24×7 response services to the victim when in danger besides informing their family members. In case of an emergency when the victim is in dire need of immediate assistance, Ziman provides it,” said Mr. Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom.


After the launch of this fingertip solution to prevention of crime, Zicom organised a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Viveck Shettyy, All India Head of Media Cell for CGSI and MD, Indus Communications. “The most successful marriage of our age is the marriage of technology and mankind. And this is another bold step in that direction. In this marriage, there is no scope for divorce,only a provision for upgradation.” Viveck Shettyy also had the audience in splits with his witty one liners


Participating in the panel discussion, noted Bollywood directorMukesh Bhatt said, “Since the fear factor makes everyone vulnerable, it is important to have a 24 x 7 virtual protector Ziman with everyone.” “Ziman is the best gift one can get during this Christmas season as Pramoud Rao comes as Santa clause by launching this wonderful mobile app,” said Mr. Bhatt.


“A mobile app like Ziman was very badly in need in today’s world since it can capture and record the crime as it is. This will go a long way in preventing crimes and even  providing valuable evidence to punish  the criminals ,” observed Ms. Alka Kerkar, Deputy Mayor, Mumbai.


Anandini Thakoor, Chairperson of Khar Residents Associationurged the police department to use Ziman and promote it for the safety of the citizens.


“Ziman will be the answer to the safety of women who work late at offices, call centres or even at film shoots,” said Ms Sandhya Shetty, model, actress and National Karate Champion who dwelled at length about her personal experiences with security problems.


“Creating awareness about Ziman can reduce crime rates against women tremendously,” observed Mr. Longinus Fernandes, well known Choreographer of Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire.


Creating awareness about Ziman in the society will go long way in preventing crimes, agreed all the panellists. Mr. Bhatt and Mr. Pandit volunteered to promote Ziman in the film industry through twitter and using the websites of the various industry organisations they are associated with. “Since Ziman is a mobile application without any commercial objective, I will speak to people in the industry about its benefits and ask them to use it,” said Mr. Bhatt.

Ziman can be used as your virtual protector that converts your mobile phone to a security device. You can call for help as well as help yourself. It helps before emergencies with security alerts tailored to your location since you are aware of potential security risks and take appropriate proactive action. During an emergency, you can activate Ziman in 5 seconds by just pressing the Power button on your Smartphone 5 times when you are in any danger and it will send out alerts to your emergency contacts requesting for help. Even after an incident has occurred, Ziman helps by providing an emergency map that provides a list of emergency services located in the vicinity of the incident.