Samantha shed tears because of a fan…??



Samantha shed tears because of a fan…??

Many were shocked to know the situation that the lucky charm Samantha had shed tears because of a fan.But, the tears are something which were caused by extreme happiness. She is enjoying huge fan base through social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. It is reported that, Sam is about to celebrate her birthday which falls on 28 April. But few of her social networking fans celebrated her birthday a week prior to the actual date .
One of the gifts which were poured for her made her to cry. Sravanthi, an online devotee of Sam worked on a 27-page book and presented it to her.  It  features the four reasons why she likes Samantha immensely. Sam said that the things she wrote about her in the book rendered her tearful.
Samantha stated saying “The things you (fan) wrote for me moved me to tears. Hug”.  Coming to her next releases, Sam’s next release would be the film Manam followed by Suriya’s Anjaan.