PureGear Retro Game Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4


Forget boring cases. If you want a case that is fun and unique for your Samsung Galaxy S4, you’ll be happy to know that PureGear has released its Retro Game Cases for Samsung’s 2013 Android flagship.

PureGear Retro Game Cases

Each of the three cases has a retro maze on its back. You know, the retro kind with a little metal ball that you have to guide through the maze. Choose from the Amazing, Groovy and Undecided cases. With the Amazing case you guide the ball from start to finish, in the Groovy case you have to lead it into the center and in the Undecided one it goes through obstacles giving a magical yes or no answer to a question you ask.

Each set is $29.99. It beats a plain boring case anyday.

Source Phone Arena