Pakistani Teachers are Getting Gun Training


The Peshawar massacre in Pakistan has filled the people’s heart with grief and sorrow. The government of Pakistan has also taken a step to control this.

The government is giving gun training for teachers in the North West Pakistan.  The provincial education minister of the north west province has said that the carrying of firearms is not obligatory but who want to carry them willingly will be given permits.

gun training

Further the Provincial information minister told that the government has taken this step because it is not able to give security for all the government run educational institutions. The number of police in the province was not sufficient to guard the 35,000 schools, colleges and universities.

The government is giving two day training to the teachers in which they we educate them about gun handling and its using procedure.

Although it was supported by many people but the private schools organization has opposed it by saying how a teacher can handle gun in one and pen in one hand. It also suggested that the government should hire more number of police but this is not the right way.

gun training