One Card Wallet


High tech cards which were used to store the info of your credit, debit, loyalty cards etc are now going to become obsolete. A new card called “Swyp” has entered into the market.

It is a metallic card which transforms into the card whenever we want to use and the type of card can be simply changed by tapping the scrolling buttons on it.


To upload info into this latest card, you’ll need to scan credit cards and loyalty cards with magnetic strips (support for scannable barcodes will come later) using a reader that plugs into a phone’s headphone jack.

The cards details will be stored in the respective apps which can also be used to snap pictures of paper receipts. This card can store information of 25 cards.

Ash dhodapkar, its creator has said that this card will come with rechargeable battery but it is unclear whether it will work with wireless chargers or not. According to “The Verge”, this card deactivates if your phone detects that the card is 6 feet away but there is way to override it.

Although it has some nice options but features like chip and pin technology and NFC were not included. The price of this card is $49(approx. Rs. 3000) if it was pre-ordered. It would cost $99(approx. Rs. 6000) afterwards.

Check out the video in the following link to know more.