Is BlackBerry going to change the name?


We heard a lot of things about the Blackberry slider phone, the blackberry Venice. This smart phone was first teased by the company’s CEO in the World Mobile Congress.  Now we had some interesting news about this device.

According to Evan Blass of @evleaks, blackberry is going to change the name of this device. It will opt for “BlackBerry Priv” rather than the Blackberry Venice. The term priv stands for privacy and the other interesting news is blackberry is going to introduce more security features to Android.

Blackberry Venice

Just for a recap, the specs of this device include:

  • 5.4 inch Quad HD display.
  • 2560*1440 pixels resolution.
  • 1.8 GHz hexa-core qualcomm snapdragon 808 processor.
  • 3 GB RAM.
  • 16 GB built in storage.
  • Micro SD card slot.
  • 18 mega pixel rear camera.
  • 5 mega pixel selfie camera.

This device will come with Android OS combined with some extra features from blackberry. But some other rumours say that there is also a chance of seeing this device in two versions – one with the Android OS and other with blackberry OS.

This device will come with all the basic connectivity options and additionally it will support the 4G LTE networks NFC connectivity. Blackberry has switched to snapdragon 808 because of the overheating issues of snapdragon 810 processor.

Sources say that this device will see the day light before November of this year. So let’s wait and watch for the further details of this smart phone.

Source:  @evleaks