Indian star in next “Fast And Furious” movie?



Bollywood most sought after actor Hrithik Roshan  is eyeing hollywood. With his macho looks and amazing acting skills he can become a heart throb in hollywood too. In order to make his hollywood journey smooth . The actor is making friends with the hwood hot shots . Recently he dined with Rob Cohen, director of Hollywood’s popular Fast And Furious films.

This act fuelled rumours that he could be seriously gearing up for a Hollywood launch.Hrithik and Cohen were also accompanied by the actor’s filmmaker father Rakesh Roshan and mom Pinky. Hrithik got mobbed when they emerged from a posh Mumbai eating joint after dinner. Cohen was along with them. Sporting a blue T- shirt, Hrithik was seen in a jovial mood as he waved and cheered at the crowd. The actor took out time for his family dinner with Cohen in between shooting for his next release, Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang costarring Katrina Kaif.

Sources suggest the Roshans and Cohen could have had a discussion on a forthcoming project that might feature Hrithik, although it is too early to confirm anything. Apart from the Fast And Furious films, Cohen is credited with making films such as Dragon heart , Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and Daylight.