Google’s “Which Phone”


The major share in smart market is occupied by the Android phones as the they are users friendly and also available in all range of prices. But it becomes difficult to select a new Android phone because various companies – big and small are selling android phones.

Which Phone

May be Google is observing this problem since a longtime or may be it just wanted to take its Android OS deep into the people, whatever the reason is, it has released a new tool named “Which Phone” secretly.

This tool helps in selecting an Android phone with the help of the specifications we give. This tool asks you certain questions on texting, gaming, internet browsing, voice calling, price, battery size etc and analyses them and suggests and phone.

Which Phone

After the analysis is done, Google offers you three Android mobiles which are best suited to your specifications and options. You can choose any one of them or you can remove them to get some other suggestions.

Which Phone

Try the Which Phone tool here.

Source: fossbytes