Get rid of Black heads…




Blackheads are one of the most irritating problems for women especially teens. To remove the blackheads, first of all we have to know that why they appear on our faces. Mostly women with oily skin faces this problem but in some cases dry skin women also can get blackheads. Seriously most of the women don’t have the idea how to look after oily skin. Oily skin have open pores and when these pores filled with pollution and dirt, it gives our skin a gift of blackheads. To avoid blackheads on your face, you have to look after and keep clean your skin on daily basis. Wash your face regularly at least 5 times a day, cleansing, toning and suitable moisturizers for your skin can make your skin more health and blackheads free.

There are many home remedies which you can use to treats blackheads. I’m sharing with you the most easiest and the most effective remedy that will keep your skin fresh and blackheads free.

All you need is to get Egg white and some good quality tissue, egg white is considered very useful for skin as it contains collagen which is an anti aging agent that keeps the skin fresh and prevent aging stuff to appear on the face so early, it also removes all dead skin cells. So following are 4 easy steps that will give your skin blackheads free within minutes.

1. Gently beat Egg white in some bowl and then apply it all over your face except eyes and lips.

2. Now get white tissue (make sure that its length and width is enough to cover your face completely) and cut the holes for your eyes mouth and nostrils. Now put this tissue on your face gently.

3. Now apply another layer of egg white over the 1st layer of tissue you already applied over your face and leave it for some time to get it dry. (Make sure that you will not be talking with anyone until the egg white gets dried)

4. After getting it dried, you can remove the tissue. Peel it off gently in upward direction and you are done with blackheads treatment. Your skin will be blackheads free and will also be shining like a star.