“Dracula Untold” movie Review



Hollywood movie “Dracula Untold” starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Charles Dance, Art Parkinson and directed by Gary Shore seemed very dull with the same story line and not-so-exciting fighting sequences… Luke Evans performance as “Count Dracula” is good. But the remaining things failed to impress the audience.

Plot :

The Sultan of Turkey picked young boys from around the world to turn them into fearless, cold-hearted soldiers. Young Vlad too got selected, earned the reputation of being the Impaler for his mercilessly extermination of opponents and eventually managed to escape from his duty as a soldier. In the process, he was made the Prince of Transylvania and lived a life of much comfort and care. He was loving husband to Mirena and a doting father to Ingeras. But as Sultan got ready to take his son and many other youngsters to train them. Vlad turns against them.

In desperation Vlad the Impaler makes a deal with a vampire,which he encountered in his travels  to save his kingdom.. The vampire cautions him about the consequences and gave his blood to vlad.. He said that, If vlad resists the temptation of human blood for 3 days.. He will be restored (A new point unlike all Dracula films). But in the three days course the turkish army overpowers vlad (The fights are much like all the period action films, except for a bat army)  and kills his wife..Seeking revenge , he drinks his wife blood .Thus turning into a complete vampire. He also turns his  remaining people to vampires thus creating a blood sucking army and rescues his son… But as a plot twist,  The other vampires tries to kill the Vlad son, He dramatically kills them all and also endangers his own existence. However, he gets reincarnated and the scene shifts to the present age. Dracula encounters a lady much like his dead wife and flirts with her. We can also see the Master Vampire here… THE END… 

Rating :


( If you are very bored and want to kill sometime, Then you can watch this)