Amazing “Interstellar” Oculus rift!



You think IMAX is awesome? Wait till you see “Oculus Rift” . The game-changing virtual-reality platform Oculus Rift is pairing up with Dark Knight fame Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film,Interstellar, to give people in a few cities a taste of both in the lead-up to the movie’s Nov 5th release.Currently , At a few theatres in NYC ( New York)  with IMAX, people will get to strap on the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 goggles and check out the inside of a spacecraft, presumably like one viewers will see in the film.People experienced this said its pretty damn cool…

 Users sit in a recliner that responds to movement inside the Oculus and look through the goggles to see the interior of a spacecraft with an impressively large planet lurking outside the window. The entire environment is richly detailed, and the goggles allow users to look around in all directions to see what’s around them on the ship. There’s also an impressive zero-gravity portion and some floating objects that make great use of the Rift’s 3-D capabilities. The whole thing is over in a few minutes, though users could probably spend two or three times that looking around.