Alia Bhatt awesome Short Film



These are the black days for women.. Girl parents are always in a tension about their little princess safety. Women safety is at stake in our sacred country where we pray for durga maa and kill girl child in the womb itself. We are protective about sisters..But we harass someone else’s sister.  These only occur in India. Seeing all this vogue started “Vogue Empower” campaign  – An social awareness initiative that draws attention to women’s empowerment .

A lot of Bollywood celebrities have lent their support to Vogue Empower. It’s . For the same cause, Alia Bhatt teamed up director Vikas Bahl for a short film. Titled Going Home, the film shows a bunch of guys helping the beauty who’s car breaks down. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, the 5 guys decide to drop Alia home safely. But at the end of video you’ll read the following line – “Impossible in the real world.”

 The short film has been shot brilliantly and it will compel you to think about your actions and decisions. In the film, Vikas has shown a world which really doesn’t exist in real but it should for women.

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