10 Cool Keyboard Designs



You can’t do basic operations without a keyboard.Here are the top ten coolest Keyboards you can ever get your hands on…

1. Gold-Plated Keyboard

This first keyboard on this list is designed by Wazakura Koubou and it is pure gold. Why? Why not?!  It is surprisingly affordable at $271 if that’s your thing!

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2. I-Tech laser keyboard

This is not a concept it is quite real and can be bought. It is a laser keyboard, which works just like any other Bluetooth keyboard. It interprets your hand movements using a direction technology based on an optical recognition mechanism that enables users to type on a projected keyboard and produces feedback tap sounds. The future is now!

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3. Scrabble Keyboard

What gift do you give avid scrabble players? The answer provided by Richard Nagy is the scrabble keyboard that he created for that exact reason! Made from a mix of actual scrabble pieces and extra pieces he carved himself, this keyboard is seriously awesome!

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4. Orbitouch Keyboard

A true and weird sci-fi keyboard, made to help those with impaired movement of their hands. It works by allowing the roller to move to one of eight positions. The combination of both hands can lead to all the characters you need as well as a built-in mouse!

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5. Wrist Keyboard

 This keyboard was created with portability in mind.  It is completely sealed and can be used in rain or harsh weather. It works with a simple one-handed design function.

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6. Bendi Light Up Keyboard

This keyboard is waterproof and easy to clean, it can be also be folded up entirely for easy transport!

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7. The Cool Leaf- QWERTY

This keyboard is an ingenious design that is normally a mirror and when turned on becomes a fully functional touch-based QWERTY keyboard. It is perfectly designed and looks really fantastic. It was created by Minebea Co Ltd in collaboration with Kazuo Kawasaki who is a professor at Osaka University.

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8. Logitech Dinovo Edge

Probably the most beautiful keyboard on here it is crafted from one single piece of black Plexiglas placed inside of an aluminum frame. It has a wonderful design with a built-in mouse that uses TouchDis navigation, you move the cursor by moving your finger up and down or across the disc. It also uses a touch-sensitive volume slider and has even implemented a key system that will adhere to your typing, so as to be completely silent, no matter the speed you type at. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to two months and only takes two hours to fully recharge.

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9. Optimus Tactus 

This keyboard uses a totally different design aesthetic than the others. It is one huge touch screen with no specified keys, it leaves that up to you. You can program in the size of each key and where they are placed. This also means you can even display video. The options are basically limitless, and I absolutely love it! Sadly, it is still a concept but it seems to be a good possibility that it will hit the market sometime soon!

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10. Hand-writing recognition keyboard

So this keyboard is pretty cool. As a student it sounds ideal! You can type or you can use the handy handwriting recognition pad and write your notes out by hand. I really hope it can recognize my horrid handwriting!

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